Curfews and Civilian Casualties

This project monitors human rights violations - specifically "right to life" of the European Convention on Human Rights - during military curfews in southeastern Turkey between August 2015 and July 2018. The data is collected through the reports of Turkey Human Rights Foundation.

1- The Geography

The map shows the total number of curfew days and civilian casualties for each district. Darker tones mean longer total duration, and larger circles mean a higher number of affected civilians. You can hover your cursor on districts to view the underlying data.

2- Curfew Details

Below timeline visualizes each curfew for each city and district. You can click on a curfew to view the details. Using the bar on the right you can zoom in and out in terms of time range.

Time range: Use red corners to change the starting and ending dates.

3- The List

Names of the civilian casualties are listed for each district. Line sizes is used to show the total days of curfews and circles show the total number of casualties.